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Complete your profile and you will be able to sign up for product tests that are relevant to your consumption habits.

Step 2

You can either take part in tests at one of our facilities, from home, or both.

Step 3

You will receive gift vouchers each time you take part in a product test. When testing products at home, you can usually keep the product as well.

Our mission

To make your opinion count

testforsam.co.uk is the new consumer website for SAM-Sensory Dimensions (part of SAM Sensory and Marketing).

Take part in our paid market research studies and help to shape the development of new products.

We are always looking for new people to join our community of product testers. If you would like to sign-up, click REGISTER at the top of this page.

Our UK testing facilities

Unit 5, Cutbush Industrial Park, Danehill, Lower Earley, Reading, RG6 4UT


Unit F1-F2 Southglade Business Park, Cowlairs, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG5 9RA


European leader

in sensory evaluation

10 000

in the United Kingdom




product tests completed in the last year

Products we test

Every day we offer a variety of tests for every member of the family!

We sometimes run tests for children’s products, such as nappies, snacks, and other food products.
If you have children under the age of 16, add them to your profile so we can contact you about tests for children’s products.

For adults, we offer a huge range of food and personal care product tests. Here’s just a few of the products our consumers have tested recently: Coffee, herbs & spices, cheese, make-up, air fresheners, fruit drinks, deodorant, yogurt, sweets, alcoholic drinks… and many more!

We test products for your furry family members too! Update your profile so we can contact you about tests that are relevant to your pets.

Testing now

How to test

Do you enjoy discovering new products? Would you like to help brands improve their products? We are looking for consumers of all ages to join our community.

Tests at our facilities

If you are local to our Nottingham or Reading facilities, you will be invited to take part in our on-site product tests. These usually run Monday-Friday, with sessions being offered in the morning, afternoon and evening.

We reward our product testers with gift vouchers – as a way to say thank you for your time and opinions.

Institute tests

Tests at home

Wherever you live in the UK*, you are invited to take part in our home-use tests. Products are delivered straight to your door.
To say thank you, you will receive a gift voucher, or get to keep the product, or both!

Home tests


Is my personal information confidential?

Your data is confidential and accessible only to the people in your household who are registered on your account and know your login and password. No other consumer has access to your personal information. At SAM, only authorised persons have access to your data in order to answer your questions when you register for studies.

SAM will not disclose any information to third parties. We therefore guarantee the confidentiality of your information. The personal information (surname, first name, age, contact details, etc.) that you have agreed to communicate to us when registering or that you have filled in on your personal profile are strictly confidential. SAM does not sell or disclose any of your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy which you have read and agreed to prior to registration. You will therefore never receive any advertising, telephone calls or e-mails from third parties following your registration on our website https://testforsam.co.uk.

Who can participate in our tests?

We offer product tests for all ages, including children under the age of 16. Anyone aged 16 or over can have their own log in details and profile.
Children under the age of 16 will need to be assigned to an adult’s profile.

When registering, you will fill in a registration questionnaire with your personal buying and eating habits. The registration questionnaire must be properly and fully completed.
This information is vital to enable us to offer you tests or surveys that correspond to your taste preferences and buying habits.
Only one entry per person per test is allowed.

What types of products do we test?

We specialise in food & drink and home and personal care products.

Examples of food & drink products we have tested recently: Coffee, crisps, sweets, fruit drinks, chocolate, biscuits, meat-free alternatives, herbs & spices, cheese, yogurt, alcoholic drinks, chips, pizza… and many more!
When completing your profile, please fill in your consumption habits correctly. This way, we will only offer you products that you have said that you consume.
Examples of home & personal products that we have tested recently: make-up, deodorant, air freshener, body lotion, razors, cleaning products, perfume… and more!

How do the product tests work?

If you are local to Nottingham or Reading
Throughout the year, you will have multiple opportunities to participate in our on-site studies, if your profile meets the criteria we are looking for.

You can register for a test online or by phone (we will contact you if your profile looks suitable, but you can also sign in to the portal and check for upcoming tests that you might be interested in).
When a new test becomes available, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire (either by telephone or online) which will enable us to determine whether you meet the selection criteria for the study. Please be honest in your answers, we may look for people who use a product very little or the opposite. It may therefore turn out that you do not correspond to the target group on this occasion. Please note: Children are not allowed on-site when tests are taking place (unless it is a specific children’s product that’s being tested). We therefore ask you not to bring your children to the sessions you attend.

If you are based elsewhere in the UK
Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to participate in our studies if your profile is suitable:
For online surveys: you will receive our questionnaires directly by email.
For home-use tests: you will be asked to complete a questionnaire that will allow us to determine whether or not you meet the selection criteria for the study.
If you are selected, we will notify you by email and the products will be delivered to you.

Why fill in a detailed registration questionnaire?

Like all of us, you have tastes, preferences and eating habits.
This is what allows you to give an in-depth opinion on the products you know well.
This is why it is necessary to spend about ten minutes filling in your consumption habits in the registration questionnaire, answering as honestly as possible.

Why am I not qualifying for product tests?

For each study, we will be looking for people who fit certain criteria. The criteria can vary massively, but for example, sometimes we look for people of certain ages, whether you buy certain brands and how often, whether you are willing to try particular flavours, how often you eat a specific type of food… and so on.

We are trying to make it as fair as we can by firstly offering new studies to people who haven’t completed a test in the last 3 months.
We launch new product testing opportunities weekly, so please log in to the portal regularly and keep an eye out for emails from us.

Do I have to eat everything to participate in product tests?

You will have no more chance of qualifying for a product test if you claim to consume everything, every week! Our clients are looking for non-consumers as well as consumers of their products.

How does payment work?

Payment for taking part in product tests will usually be in the form of a gift vouchers. We typically pay £15 for sessions that last up to 1 hour.

Please note: you are not obliged to participate in these tests, it is not a regular activity, nor is it an employed or professional activity.
We are not employing you for a job, but simply for your opinion on various concepts or products. Payment is a gift to thank you for coming for taking part.